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Season 5 (2021-22) 
kalinin Kaliningrad py Paraguay ga Gabon fr Paris Catacombs mn Ulaanbaatar 
bgvl Bougainville qc Québec jsy Jersey    



Season 4 (2019-20) 
FO-Faroe-Islands-Flag-icon  Faroe Islands pn Pitcairn Island dj Djibouti lu Luxembourg tt Trinidad and Tobago 
  Utah Vanuatu Nepal Tierra del Fuego Svalbard 

 Minisode: Swiss Exclaves   |  Minisode: Apollo 8 (Christmas Special)  |  Minisode: Christmas Stories 2020 new-star  |

Season 3 (2018-19) 
Flag of Tasmania - State badge of a red lion passant on white disk, on a defaced British Blue Ensign Tasmania sm San Marino us Wyoming sthel St. Helena  newcal New Caledonia
krl Kuril Islands sr Suriname LS Lesotho Turkmenistan-icon Turkmenistan ws-icon Western Sahara

za Minisode: Natal, 1497   | england Minisode: Runnymede, 1215   |    HK flag Minisode: Hong Kong Invasion, 1941

Season 2 (2017) 
sg Singapore Rapa Nui/Easter Island Easter Island  Seychelles nl Newfoundland Uruguay  Uruguay
cu Cuba (pt1); (pt2) gm The Gambia ge Georgia li Liechtenstein  jao Jewish AO

 2020px-sami_flag-svg Lapland (Christmas Special)

Season 1 (2016-17)
na Namibia nr Nauru pa Panama bt Bhutan us Alaska
lr Liberia isle-of-man-icon Isle of Man gi Gibraltar bn Brunei  hk Kowloon Walled City