80 Days is a podcast dedicated to exploring little-known countries, territories settlements and cities around the world. Brought to you by three history and geography nerds in an internet-powered balloon. Inspired by Phileas Fogg’s whistle-stop tour of the world, we have decided to take the more leisurely approach, going one country, city or territory at a time and finding out as much as we can. Subscribe to the podcast to explore the world with us.

Interact with us on Facebook or Twitter if you have any comments or suggestions about where we should explore next!


We are (left to right) Joe Byrne in Switzerland, Luke Kelly in Hong Kong, and Mark Boyle in the UK.

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For Season 3, listeners are signing up to support us through Patreon – we have a range of tiers at which you can chip in and receive rewards in return. Find out more at patreon.com/80dayspodcast

Season 2 was made possible by the generous backers of our Christmas Kickstarter Campaign and our sponsor Hairy Baby, the home of th

Hairy Baby Clothing Company

e funniest and most uniquely Irish t-shirts. Below, as a sign of our gratitude, are listed our backers. Thanks, guys!

Alec Richman
Andrew Brogan
Bogdan Drema
Des Swan
Eoin Byrne
Gary O’Daly
Ian Prince
Jeffrey Doker
Jenn Jones
John Keating
John Killeen
Krista Phillps
Lorraine Mounsey
Louise Ireson
Niall O’Leary
Nick Ison
Paul Brendan Donnelly
Paula Cantwell
Rob Curran
Rowland Seymour
Sarah O’Farrell
Simon Greene


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Guys,
    I love the podcast and I’ve listened to every episode. I’d like to recommend an episode on Albania. I lived there for a few years and speak Albanian. It’s an incredible country and language, both with fascinating history. Stunningly beautiful as it borders Greece, but much cheaper and less crowded. Google syri kalter and thethi and you’ll be convinced!

    Liked by 1 person

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