“Learning Geography” – Top of Tutorful’s list of resources

Good news! Your favourite podcasters (we know we’re your favourite) have been listed among the Best Geography Resources by Tutorful, based on recommendations of their subscribers. We’re top of the list, too!

Thanks to all of you who’ve downloaded, listened, or liked the podcast, we couldn’t have done it without you.

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18 History Podcasts to Listen to in 2018

We are delighted to feature on this list of recommended listens for 2018 among 17 other unique history podcasts at Bello Collective‘s website. Each of us take our own particular angle on telling the stories of the world. You might find a few more podcasts to add to your subscriptions-list here!

To quote the author:

“You are not going to get a more geographically diverse history podcast than 80 Days.”

– I think that’s a pretty good review!

Irish Abroad Newsletter

80 Days was featured in November’s Global Irish Newsletter published by the Irish Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs (@GlobalIrish), which showcases achievements and news from Irish people worldwide. Commenting on the podcast, they said:

With special thanks to Joe, Luke and Mark. Their novel approach to learning about the world and sharing their insights is an excellent example of innovation and ties that transcend borders and continents. These qualities are hallmarks of the Irish diaspora and seeing that so well articulated in this podcast is great.

To read the full article, click here!

80 Days featured on news site Broadsheet.ie

This week, 80 Days was featured in a post on Irish news-and-humour website Broadsheet.ie. The post focuses on the fact that the three of us who host 80 Days are originally from Ireland but now living around the world. It clearly resonated with other Irish people in similar situations, because along with a big increase in website traffic and listeners from Ireland, this week, we’ve had a surge of interest from all around the globe, the US, UK, Japan, China and more. This is a link to the article: “Irish Men of the World.

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